Design Patterns

Design Patterns catalog and describe recurring designs in object-oriented systems that have been proven from experience to result in flexible systems. Studying design patterns will help you leverage the experience of other software professionals to produce extensible and maintainable solutions from the start, as opposed to recreating the process of analysis and refinement. Coverage of design patterns is here.

Guide to UML Diagrams

The .NET Framework re-introduces the fundamentals in component-based development with the introduction of the new object-oriented language C#, additional object-oriented features in VB.NET, and the vast class framework in the base class library. One such modeling standard used in designing object-oriented systems is the Unified Modeling Language (UML). In our Guide to UML Diagrams, we introduce you to the different diagrams in UML, as well as tools to help you in your development efforts.

Demystifying Regular Expressions

Regular Expressions form a powerful pattern matching language. Regular Expressions have been around UNIX systems for years, as well as client-side scripting environments such as Javascript. The .NET Framework offers this functionality to windows and web developers alike. This series of articles will demystify Regular Expression concepts, classes, and syntax.

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